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Restoration Services

Don't ruin your valuable furniture, restore it with us and get it back to its true value!

Our Services Include:

Antique Restoration can be done at many levels depending on the condition of the piece. We restore finishes with a hand rubbed French polish finish.

Furniture Refinishing and Repaired comprehensive refinishing and repair service. We use different types of finish for each project.

Proprietary stripping see will NOT raise the grain, and will have ABSOLUTELY NO effect on good glue joints or veneer. Our repair techniques are of “Expert Craftsman Quality” many times employing hand tools of the “period” vs modern machinery

Here at Atlantique we hand strip so that we don’t ruin the old patina of the wood. We also offer a STRIP ONLY service for those who would like to finish their own furniture, without the drudgery of stripping it themselves. Insurance Claims and Catastrophic Damage.

Veneering and Reveneering

This is one of our “Specialties”. We stock a broad range of veneers, and have samples of others that can be ordered. We can repair missing pieces of veneer with new veneer.

Whether it’s the top of a nightstand or an entire dining room table, Atlantique Furniture can accommodate your request. We have extensive experience assisting our valued clients with insurance claims due to damage from water, fire, smoke and other catastrophes.